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The Goldi dummy in orthodontic shape is made of 100 % natural rubber and free from synthetic additives. Since Goldi is a pure natural product, the soothers may be have slightly different colors. But this do not affect the quality.

The pure natural product is soft, flexible and free of pollutants. The shield is also made entirely out of natural rubber. It is soft and flat allowing for free movement of the lip and mouth musculature for active and intense activity. Three large vent holes in the shield prevent adhesion, reddening of the skin by its prolonged contact with saliva or skin rashes around the mouth. The grip ring is soft and flexible and prevents chafing on the face when the child is in a sleeping position. The straight grip ring stimulates the gripping reflex.

Natural rubber is a natural material and the perfect basis for hygiene. It provides no breeding ground for germs. The Goldi dummy with a sloping nipple tip are made from one piece and can be cleaned in a pot of boiling water.

For safety reasons pacifiers should be replaced at the first signs of wear e.g. furrows, scratches, "gumminess", teethmarks or even tiny holes.

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